Innovation Ethics with the public

We develop new forms of citizen participation to enable public discussions around innovation to be conducted as broadly as possible. Together with a network of specialists in the area of innovation ethics, we make their expertise as well as ethical resources about innovation freely available and accesible.

At various Citizen Panels, the general public enters an informative dialogue about current topics about Innovation Ethics, such as algorithmic fairness, AI-driven decision making, autonomous systems or negative emission technologies.

As an incubator for research, projects and startups, our Ethical Residency is open to anyone interested.

Transition is a major topic within Innovation Ethics, which is why we have developed a specific Ethics of Transition enabling Ethical Change Management for professionals and sector associations.

Ultimately, we are also interested in testing and further developing the field of Innovation Ethics in an academic context. We offer Innovation Ethics Classes at Swiss universities in the form of thematic modules and workshops.

Do you work in a foundation or in public institution and would like to organize an event on ethical challenges?