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Our Case Studies, Innovation Briefs and White Papers provide orientation in a rapidly changing world. Which ethical risk zones lurk around which corner? How can companies in various industries take concrete action to prevent innovation from taking place without careful scrutiny?

Innovation Briefs


New technologies raise sensitive ethical questions. Stay up to date with the latest developments by delving into our Innovation Briefs.

White Papers


Our White Papers take a deeper look into selected innovation ethics topics - we invite you to discuss our theses with us.



Case Studies


Several start-ups and companies have already benefited from our consulting services. Take a look at our Case Studies to convince yourself about the potential of questions of innovation ethics.


Further Resources

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  • Tracking Dashboard: Tracking in Times of Corona: a Comparison Between Countries (DE / FR)
  • Robots and Ethics: An overview (DE)
  • Workshop Booklet: Three canvases for innovation ethics (DE)