Questionnaire 2: Which ethical risks do you and your company face?

Which ethical risks might your product entail? And which ethical risks can arise in your company? Find out by filling out our questionnaire – alone or with your team.

At the end you will receive a simple evaluation. We will also show you with which online resources or tailor-made services by ethix can create added value for your company.

How it works

This questionnaire focuses on the ethical risks that you and your company face. Based on your answers to hypothetical problem situations, ethical risk scores are determined and presented in the form of a bar chart. 

At the same time, the two most important ethical risks for you and your company are identified. Based on this evaluation, we show you which of our resources and products on innovation ethics are tailor made for your ethical risks and can create added value.

The questionnaire has no scientific claim. The ethical risks do not represent a personality profile. Possible answers are rated on five dimensions. The risk score is the sum of points for each dimension.