Questionnaire 1: Which innovator are you?

What drives you in your innovative work? What values are particularly important to you as an innovator? Find out by completing our questionnaire – alone or with your team.

Once you’re finished, you will receive a simple evaluation. We will also show you which online resources or tailor-made ethix services can create added value for your business.

How it works

This questionnaire asks about your stance towards innovation goals and priorities for your company. Based on three value scales, the evaluation shows, through a spider graphic, what type of innovator you are – Are ethical values paramount for you (are you "values-driven")? Do you primarily want to revolutionise your field of work (do you see yourself as "revolution-driven")? Or are you primarily interested in the commercial potential of your idea/product (is your motivation "business-driven")?

The questionnaire has no scientific claim and rather serves as a playful evaluation. The different types do not represent a personality profile. The values on the spider scale result from the sum of the points achieved per category, divided by the number of questions.