Innovation is the imperative of our time.

Innovation is on everyone’s lips. Innovation keeps us going. But innovation is not neutral. It throws up ethical challenges that we, as citizens, as companies, as political, economic, social decision makers, have to face. Often, new and innovative ideas are thought to require justification, or are viewed as unacceptable. For innovation sets out to shake up our familiar habits in the ways we live and work together, and to bring about change.

  • So how does this lead to change for the better?
  • Is what is new always what is desirable?
  • And does it bring real progress to society?

Our Approach

What is an Ethical Risk?

New is not always good. What is new, or innovative, can be considered by some sections of society to require justification, or as unacceptable or dangerous. These kinds of situations bring ethical risks, for which companies must prepare themselves. Ethical risks affect the communication, internal cohesion and human resources of the company and its reputation.

  • We work with startups and established companies to develop responses to the ethical challenges of innovation together.
  • We help our partners to recognize their ethical competencies and employ them for the benefit of the company.
  • We develop new forms of citizen participation to enable public discussion around innovation to be conducted as broadly as possible.
  • We make ethics resources for the field of innovation freely available and accessible.
  • We bring together a network of specialists in the area of innovation ethics, and make their expertise as widely available as possible.

Citizen Participation

ethix considers it important to create spaces for citizens to engage with ethical questions of innovation. The changes we are experiencing in the areas of health, work and democracy turn many of our customs on their heads and challenge us to question things we take for granted. How do we tell the difference between innovation and progress? How do we reach a consensus about the values we want to achieve and/or defend? What innovation do we want?

These questions are at the heart of our work. In order to discuss them with citizens, we want to create a space for real participation and debate. Contact us to organize an event together – we work with associations, political parties and the private sector alike.