Innovation drives our economy and society. But innovation is not neutral. A closer look reveals its fundamental ambivalence: Are we gaining new freedoms and unprecedented equality? Or do we risk freedom and equality when technology takes over? Ambivalence calls for orientation. In order to create sustainable value – economically, socially and ecologically – innovation requires ethical reflection. This in turn has a positive impact on creativity and responsibility along the innovation process. Therein lies ethix's mission.

How do we achieve that?

As a lab, ethix creates space for interdisciplinary and participatory experiments. The lab is committed to an ethic of creativity based on critical, constructive dialogue. So that engaging with ethics inspires innovation – rather than obstructing it.

What exactly is it that we do?

In a fast-paced environment, a swift and dynamic way to assess a company’s ethical risks is needed. ethix does just that by offering practical tools and tailored modules.

As society increasingly calls for ethical business practices, it is crucial for innovative companies to clarify their ethical positions. ethix helps to do that by offering customized consulting services. That way, we make innovative ideas more stable and sustainable in the long run.

Due to the sweeping technological upheavals, more and more people are confronted with difficult ethical questions. In the context of constant information overload, what is needed is a reliable source of information and advice. This is what ethix strives for – to raise awareness and empower citizens by providing high quality information online. We dig deep in order to explain things simply.

What makes us different?

Our mission is to integrate ethics into the innovation discourse. We are a small team of interdisciplinary specialists that lives off the fascination with the rapid changes of our time. ethix – lab for innovation ethics – enables a creative and interactive dialogue about the opportunities and risks these changes entail for our society.

Our broad network draws experts from all fields in German- and French-speaking Switzerland.