We have successfully worked with the following clients:


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«The ethix workshop was a good starting point for a company discussion about our internal and external values. The workshop marks only the beginning of this discussion, which we will continue. We now have a solid foundation on which we can build.» - Martin Keller, Co-Founder


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«The ethix workshop allowed us to structure our vision of ethics related to the use of the data entrusted to us. The Ethix team was able to challenge our thinking to obtain clear and precise guidelines that allow us to guide our strategic discussions.» - Benedikt Ramsauer, Co-founder


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“Working with ethix has given us the perspective and expertise that is essential to the creation of a values charter. They were able to guide the process towards a concrete and applicable result.” - Christian Burri, co-founder Algrano

Swiss Digital Initiative

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"For over a year, the ethix team has been closely accompanying us in the development of our initiative and in the project implementation. With profound expertise in digital ethics, great flexibility, untiring commitment and reliability, ethix supports and advises us on various tasks." Niniane Paeffgen, Managing Director.


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“The exciting workshop helped us evaluate and question our products using ethical principles. We explored how we as a technology company approach solutions and which products we would like to develop or not develop.” - Michael Fretz, co-founder and head of design at Cubera.


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“The workshop allowed us to identify the potential risks in specific projects. This methodology will be systematically used when evaluating new project ideas, in parallel with the drafting of project specifications, to identify and manage all ethical issues in advance.” - Julien Torrent, Head of the IATLab.

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